Showcase Realty 2017

Blog writer for Charlotte, North Carolina-based realtor Nancy Braun's website and subsidiary websites, including probate real estate, Active Rain, LinkedIN, and BiggerPockets from February through August 2017.

Ryan Hill Realty 2016

Blog writer for Chicagoland realtor Teresa Ryan's websites and from April through November 2016.

Helium 2007 - 2014

Website that provided content for mainstream topics.  Site ( shut down in 2014 to freelance writers and name was re-launched as unrelated IT company.

The Cheerful Givers 2007 - 2013

The Cheerful Givers, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping provide birthday presents to children from low- or no-income families.

Freelance writer for The Cheerful Givers monthly newsletter.

Subpixel Web Design Sydney 2011 - 2012

Website design company based out of Sydney, Australia, serving clients worldwide.

Created and edited content for website and blogs, managed forum, and oversaw web marketing.

Thank You Mommy Wellness Newsletter 2009

Thank You Mommy Wellness, a Canadian-based fitness facility for mothers and their babies.

“4 Benefits of Bonding with Baby Through Exercise” (article), 9/09

Review Stream Website 2006 - 2008, a product review website.

Product Reviews (2006-2008)

The Collegiate Quarterly 3/01 - 3/07

The Collegiate Quarterly, a worldwide-distributed collegiate daily devotional of the SDA Church.

CQ Insider

Teaching Guides

Study Guides

Wellness Walkers Website 2005 - 2006, a Christian-based website that at one time featured free articles on different aspects of life, relating everything to the Christian walk.

“Communication – Speak Words of Life to Build Up Your Family” (article), 2/07

“Wives – Be Praiseworthy” (article), 3/06

“Mother – Praying For Purpose to Be Personified” (article), 1/06

“Wife – The Importance of Speaking Sincerely to Our Spouses” (article), 12/05

“The Importance of Balancing Good and Bad Attention Given to Children” (article) 11/05

“A Mother’s Responsibility” (article), 10/05

Just Articles Website 2005 - 2006, a website featuring keyword-rich articles on a variety of topics to meet clients’ needs.

“The Hidden Risks of Water Damage to a Home” (article), 2/06

“Online Dating Tip” (article), 2/06

“Las Vegas Window Cleaning” (article), 2/06

“Ten Decorating Principles” (article), 2/06

“Southern Costa Blanca and Costa Calida” (article), 1/06

“Reaching Out to Your Community” (article), 8/05

“What Customers Expect from Your Web Site” (article), 8/05

“How to Build Customer Relationships” (article), 8/05

“Why Should My Local Business Have a Web Site?” (article), 8/05

Treadmill Articles (6/05)

Halloween Articles (6/05)

Bus Charter Articles (5/05)

Search Engine Content (4/05)

Babble Website 2005 was an online resource website dedicated to pregnancy and parenting issues, acquired by Disney under the website

Baby and Child Movement: Exercise for Everyone (article), 10/05

“Brilliant Careers: Brilliant Kids” (offline article), 5/05

What Your Toddler's Head Banging Really Means (article), 3/05

Understanding and Coping with Bed Rest (article), 1/05 

Write For Cash Website 8/04, a division of PageWise, Inc., an online database that compiles websites for on a variety of topics that are accessed by performing keyword searches.

“Family Pet Information: Basic Guide To Raising A Cockatiel” (article), 8/04

Glendale Seventh-day Adventist Church Newsletter 2002 - 2004

Edited and wrote content for monthly church newsletter and weekly church bulletin for SDA church in Indianapolis, IN.

FitRec Website 2003, a for-profit, philanthropic website dealing with health, fitness, disability, and American cultural topics.

“The History of Paintball” (article), 9/03

“Painting the Town Red” (article), 3/03

“Hands-On Art” (article), 2/03

“A Festival of Indiana Culture” (article), 2/03

More Articles  

Corner Stone Connections Quarterly 1/03

Corner Stone Connections Quarterly, a worldwide-distributed young adult daily devotional of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Church.

“Christian Intimacy: Too Close For Comfort” – Teacher’s Guide (teaching lesson), 1/03

The Adventist Review Magazine 8/99

The Adventist Review, a worldwide-distributed adult inspirational magazine of the SDA Church.

“The Sabbath in Cyberspace” (article), 8/99

Insight Magazine 8/99

Insight, a worldwide-distributed teen inspirational magazine of the SDA Church.

“Witnessing In Public School” (feature article), 8/99

WriteEdge Ltd. – Contracting assignments 1999 (now – Wrote animal fact sheets for the top breeds of dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets, 5/99

“HedgeHog FAQ’s” (300 frequently asked questions and answers online content), 2/99

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