Self-Help and Relationships

And I Love You:

Journaling for the Romantic at Heart

Express your love for the one who captures your heart.
Write about your feelings for the love of your life in the And I Love You Journal. Filled with inspirational poetry and quotes for motivation, the book offers plenty of space for giving voice to your thoughts.

Christian Self-Help and Resource

Gratitude Journal:

Tracking Your Prosperity and Abundance

Grow your faith when you spend time with the Lord.
Give thanks to God in this journal designed to help you write down all your daily blessings while deepening your faith. Filled with inspirational poetry and quotes for motivation, the Gratitude Journal offers lots of space to give voice to your thoughts.

Historical Inspirational Romance

The Ellises Series:

#1 A Place To Call Home

Elaina Ellis would do anything to protect her family – even if it means keeping secrets from them.
Elaina has always been a dutiful daughter. When her father suddenly dies in the summer of 1905, she begrudgingly leaves the safety of her life in Philadelphia to return to her hometown. Once there, Elaina encounters the very man responsible for her leaving her home to begin with, as well as a newcomer she distrusts—a man who seems determined to stand in the way of her future.
When the newcomer turns out to be yet another man in town Elaina feels she must answer to, she’s all too glad to leave him, and everyone else in her small, narrow-minded town, and return to Philadelphia, where she feels she belongs. Convinced that no man should dictate the course of her life, she expects to find solace from her grief and pain in the big city, but is sorely disappointed when everything starts to fall apart.
Will the secrets she harbors be her undoing? Will she ever truly find a place she can call home?

An Amazon Exclusive (paperback only)

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An Amazon Exclusive (paperback only)

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©2018 CreateSpace

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